The Family Circle is here for advocacy and personal sharing. Every concern, whether it reflects individual or systemic issues, is important and should be raised freely. If concerns are not resolved at the meeting we will provide suggestions for a process on how to resolve them based on the experience of the Family Circle members. We ask families to lend a hand with the Executive team in any way you can!

Contact Andii Millet () – Staff Liaison to the Family Circle if you would like to help.

Family Circle Terms of Reference

Family Circle Code of Conduct

Let us know what type of presentation and/or topics you would like to help you work through issues you’ve had to deal with. Many personal stories are shared and with our collective experiences well thought-out ideas and solutions emerge. In turn, we can bring suggestions to management. Appreciations to the Broadway Lodge team

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Welcome to our circle of warmth,


Family Council Executive

Eric Li, Chair

Margaret Thomson, Co-Chair

Pam Stone, Vice, Co-Chair