Team Vision: Passionately sharing community with love, joy, and respect.

A variety of programs occur throughout the Lodge and can be viewed on the monthly recreation calendar as well as daily on the display TV in the entry to the main Dining Room.

The Lifestyles & Therapeutic Services (Lifestyles or LTS) comes by its name due to the diversity of the team. Our team is comprised of Recreation Workers, the Chaplain, Music Therapist, and we collaborate closely with the Restorative Care Workers (RCWs) in our restorative care program know as the ALP (Active Living Program). Volunteers play a key role in the success of our team and our goals.

Recreation programs and services are provided seven days a week and on some statutory holidays. We offer early morning coffee programs and evening needs response for those who struggle with transitions in the evening.

Purpose:  Our programs are intended to focus on providing meaning and purpose for individuals regardless of ability. We consider both strengths and needs as we offer diverse options to support elders’ quality of life.

Programs target:  Physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. They vary seasonally and are adapted spontaneously based on needs and expressed desires in the moment. Our overall program model is based on maintaining physical capacity or restoring through our ALP and exercise program. On this base we add four pillars: households (familiar purposeful tasks), Montessori (matching, sequencing, sorting), Social and Spiritual interactions and sensory opportunities (aromatherapy, baking, and other creative interventions). These each incorporate creative expression and promote a homelike, supportive environment that flexes and adapts responding to individual needs at all levels.

Each month, a calendar of recreation programs is posted throughout the Lodge. The calendar is posted online each month. Copies are also available at reception on request.

For the current calendar of recreation programs, please click here.

We encourage you to print the calendar and plan your visits around events. Sometimes joining your loved one in any of the recreation programs helps to provide opportunities for meaningful interaction and shared experiences.