Every resident of Broadway Lodge is provided a private room. There are several different configurations of rooms based on architectural design, although the rooms are assigned based on availability and need (such as the need for a ceiling lift for safety and comfort).

Each room is wheelchair accessible and fully furnished with a bed, armoire, bedside table with locked drawer. A desk is available, if needed. While the basic furnishings are provided, we encourage families to bring pictures, wall decorations, a special blanket, a small chair to make the individual’s room a home.

Our maintenance staff must check electronics, such as radios or television, to ensure proper functioning before installation in the room. CSA approval is required.

As space is limited, and to ensure a safe environment, we may request that you remove extra furniture (e.g. lounge chairs or recliners) or other items if the room becomes cluttered, or if care or safety becomes compromised due to space limitations. We require enough space in the room to bring in a portable lift and two staff members, should it be needed (in case of falls, etc.).